Pommy Johnson

Pommy has developed a reputation as a live wire stand-up comdeian via extensive touring. His singing and guitar playing goes off the deep end. Parodies include Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain, The Who plus many more celebrities that need a good shake-up. You’ll be falling on the ground with his fast pace laugh-a-minute antics from corporate to full bore comedy. Your granny will laugh and your mates will blush with topical and nostalgic subjects – you just don’t know what he might say but bet your funny bone you’ll be crying. His act is versatile and well suited to a cross section of audiences and situations. During the part fourteen years, he has performed at the best comedy venues around Australia and the world including:

  • Hilton Comedy Club – Melbourne
  • Gold Coast Arts Centre
  • Comedy Club – Melbourne
  • Comedy Store – Sydney
  • RSL & Workers Clubs – NSW
  • Canberra Comedy Club
  • Sydney Casino Brewery
  • Comedy Club – Darwin
  • Crown Casino – Melbourne
  • Canberra Casino
  • Adelaide Comedy Festival
  • Breakers – Perth
  • Gold Coast International
  • The Improv – Los Angeles

Pommy regularly preforms on campuses, social functions, sports clubs, and many corporate events and product launches. In 1993, Pommy returned to Australia from a successful six month series of engagements on the comedy circuit in London. In 1998 he went on a very successful tour of New Zealand playing to packed houses, and in 1999 he went to the USA to do gigs at The Improv in Los Angeles, and the Yanks went mad! For the past ten years he has also been on full Australian tours including freezing himself at ski resorts in Perisher Valley, Falls Creek, Threadbo, and Hotham.


  • Tonight Live (regular through 1992)
  • Sex with Sophie Lee
  • Wide World of Sport
  • Headliners (FoxTel)
  • Hey, Hey It’s Saturday
  • in Melbourne Tonight
  • Midday Show

Acting Rolls

  • Neighbours
  • All Together Now
  • Skyways
  • Lift Off
  • Special Squad
  • FoxTel Comedy Channel
  • Skirts
  • Pommy Johnson Live
  • The Sullivans
  • Pugwell’s Summer


  • Live to air/pre-recorded spots, 3RRR, JJJ Network, 3AK, 3TT, 3MMM, 3UZ and FoxFM
  • Numerous voice-overs for various studios and agencies
  • Radio Wise Australian Broadcasting (National)

Commercials 100%

  • Olympic Types
  • Hard Yakka
  • Shell Auto Care
  • Cookie Mix
  • Target Sizzler
  • Tooheys 1998
  • Do Your Bit; Bin It Campaign
  • Quit Campaign
  • Numerous Print and Billboard
  • Training Films (non broadcast)
  • SEC Victoria – Pro Vision
  • Conley & Huzard Air & Eye Safety – Birmac Productions
  • National Bank – Australis Video

Corporate Sample

  • David’s Food Festival – World
  • IBM Australia – World Congress Centre
  • Trade Centre Tesltra
  • Olympic Committee
  • Carlton Football Club
  • Harvey World Travel
  • Richmond Grand Final Breakfasts
  • Hertz
  • Hells Angels Annual Run – Melbourne

Outdoor Concerts

  • Gully Rock Festival – Darwin
  • Lock Stock and Barrel ’96
  • Christmas Hills Rock Festival
  • Bindon Rock, WA
  • Nude Surfing, Bondi
  • Dromana Drive-in Rock Concert, New Year’s Eve
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