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COLD CHISEL are unquestionably one of the most loved and respected bands in Australian History. They produced not only some of the greatest and most well-known Australian anthems, but they performed with a truly unique sound and an unparalleled energy. To play a tribute show to this legendary band would require far more than just a bunch of guys playing these well-loved songs. It would require and group of fine musicians that could recapture the sound, the energy and the anthems with great authenticity, which is precisely what GOLD CHISEL has done for well over a decade now.

GOLD CHISEL (Est. 2000) has toured to almost every part of this great county and still continues to do so. They have played to many capacity crowds and have pleased even the most critical of COLD CHISEL fans, including friends and family members of COLD CHISEL themselves. Critics have praised GOLD CHISEL for being able to replicate the sound to the point where if you had your eyes closed you would think you were actually listening to COLD CHISEL.

Jimmy Barnes’ younger brother Alan, recently sang together on stage with GOLD CHISEL’s front man ANDY LUTZE. GOLD CHISEL has earned its reputation as Australia’s No.1 COLD CHISEL tribute show and needs to be experienced to be believed. Catch them soon at a venue near you. Here are some of the songs you can expect to hear when you come to see GOLD CHISEL Keeping The Legend Alive!

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