Tip Top Tom

Tip Top Tom is the quintessential clown. Considered to be one of the few authentic clowns serving the Melbourne area. Kids love his silly magic show as he tells them funny stories of silly sounding places and shows them some funny looking items brought back from a fictitious bazaar. He attempts to demonstrate how they work only to be shocked, surprised, befuddled and bewildered. Kids roll on the floor with laughter, and parents laugh at how much their kids are laughing. Tip Top Tom’s show is all about taking magic to the topsy-turvy crazy world of clowning, where fixing a frog’s ailing voice requires a GIANT wand, and colouring in a picture requires the use of colourful hankies. Tip Top Tom’s show is a favourite for children aged 4 to 7, but everyone will have lots of fun.

Some segments include “Magical Colouring”, which an audience assistant helps magically colour a picture by vanishing three colourful hankies and causing them to reappear in the picture. Other routines included are: Crazy Juggling Balls, Colour Changing Hanky, Disappearing Sponges, Coins of Cooky-La-La, The Genie of The Rice, Silly Wands of Flurby-Dupp-Dupp, And the Ghost-Busting, Pumpkin-Popping Zappy Wand, plus more.

Fun for the whole family!

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