Wedding entertainment tips and tricks for 5 different budgets

When budgeting for wedding entertainment, it’s important to remember that it is charged by either half or full hour and at different rates based on the type of musician/vocalist.

If you have allocated a lot of time for music and entertainment, now is the time to consider the best way to make the most of your budget.

Lower budget

A tight budget doesn’t mean you have to borrow a set of speakers and pick a Spotify playlist. You might not be able to afford a live band with a tight budget, but a good DJ will do wonders. Just make sure that you choose a good one with experience playing at weddings (give us a call if you want a hand with this). 

The best thing about hiring a DJ is the versatility. DJs can work in your favourite music whilst still ensuring that the typical wedding hits get guests of all ages up on their feet. 

Medium budget

If you’ve got a little more to spend on entertainment, one or two skilfully timed solo musicians will really lift the impact of event. Even a medium budget will allow you to get a DJ plus a vocalist and an instrument player.

Why not have the following:

1. A guitarist can play as the bridal party enters and exits the ceremony (approx. 1hr);

2. Have your DJ play between speeches and during and after meals (approx. 4hrs);

3. Have a vocalist sing along with the DJ shortly after the meals, to get guests up from the tables and out to the dance floor (approx. 0.5-1hr). After the short set from the vocalist, let the DJ run solo for the rest of the night;

Taking this approach will let give your guests the memory of you going all out and having 3 different acts at your wedding, but in reality, your total cost would be lower than having a live band.

Higher budget

With a higher budget, it is possible to get a live band. Consider whether you need the live band to be there the whole time. A cheaper option would be having a DJ for the first half of the event and let the band take over shortly after the speeches/meals.

High budget

A high budget will allow you to get a live band for the length of your wedding reception. We can’t emphasise enough just how important it is to get a specialist wedding band. You need a group that knows exactly which songs appeal to wedding crowds. Remember, you’ve got guests from all age groups, so it’s important to cater to everyone.

Professionalism is also vitally important at a wedding. You need a group that is reliable, punctual, dressed appropriately, looks the part and has the right attitude. There are bands that we just won’t work with due to not consistently fulfilling all of these requirements.

Imagine having your wedding band not show up and being left trying to make do with the best man’s ute backed up to the side of the venue, with its doors open and blasting 50-cent’s Candy Shop (this actually happened – just not with us).

To get a professional band for your wedding, consider giving us a call to have a completely free, no-obligation chat about your options.

Budget… what’s that?

A wedding is a one-time event, and if you’ve got it then you might as well splurge! If you are working with an open budget, you might want to take your wedding entertainment to the next level. In addition to a live band, why not have a celebrity appearance?

Having a celebrity introduce the band or even having them act as the Master of Ceremonies will certainly make an impact on your guests. As you can imagine, you can’t just call a celebrity and ask them to appear at your wedding. You need to have the right connections. We will help you to get a celebrity or recording artist to your wedding to perform and potentially even interact with your guests.

Bonus idea

Rappers (the harmonic kind) are an emerging trend in wedding entertainment. Weddings are about memories, so why not make it more memorable by having a rapper rap along with the DJ’s music to create an incredible atmosphere (especially at night).

Consider having the rapper perform their set closer to the end of the event. It’s an epic way to finish the event and make it highly memorable.

Closing thoughts

Your budget doesn’t have to be a limitation on you getting your dream wedding and having it be the most memorable for your guests. It is all about being creative and clever with the timing and types of performances. It’s a daunting task, so don’t hesitate to call us for some free advice from people who’ve collectively organised entertainment for over 5000 weddings.

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